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The Files of Liam Redsquire is an homage to point & click and film noir, following a hard-boiled squirrel journalist - trying to solve the mysteries of The Big Maple, where you ask questions, rustle feathers and look after your nuts. This game is a chapter in his adventures and seeks to evoke the worldness of an anthropomorphised animal society.

The Files of Liam Redsquire includes:

  • Story driven, point & click with funny and interesting dialogue
  • Over 100 hand drawn and digitised 2D assets
  • A 3D modelled forest around the Big Maple, on which the action takes place
  • Cast of characters for you to question and annoy
  • An original, moody soundtrack evoking bebop and mystery

Install instructions

  1. Download the The Files of Liam RedSquire - 1.0 zip file
  2. Uncompress the folder
  3. Go into FirstFinalBuild folder and double click LiamRedsquire.exe to play.
  4. Enjoy ;)


The Files of Liam Redsquire - 1.0 666 MB

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